May. 6th, 2010

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So, done with FFXIII at long last. Extended review to follow? Maybe? I know what I want to say about the game, I'm just not sure when I'll actually get the time to jot it all down. Lots of Thoughts.

But right now primary in my mind: WHY are most of the Vanille/Fang shippers also Vanille/Fang/Lightning shippers, and WHY do people think all the Lightning/Hope shippers are pedos? I love V/F but am so, SO not interested in V/F/L; Lightning's dynamic with Hope and with Snow and with Serah = SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING TO ME SORRY.

I hate that moment where you think you're above all of this shipping nonsense and you realize abruptly you AREN'T. At least I admit, in terms of FFXIII, it's not so much that I want the characters to bang as that certain pairs have really interesting dynamics, sex or not.

And then you've got the other new thing that's been obsessing me, which I recommend to EVERYONE with no reservation whatsover: DRRR!! or Durarara or whatever you want to call it.

IT IS WONDERFUL and you can legally watch it for free. :D

But the fandom is obsessed with Shizuo and Izaya, who I like in the show but really don't care about as a pairing. *waves CeltyxShinra flag* For now I am content with the canon, but I'm almost out of episodes, the manga's not even as far as the anime, and the light novels haven't been fully translated. RARRRRR.

Doesn't fandom know by now that it's supposed to CATER TO MY NEEDS, GODDAMMIT??


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