Nov. 13th, 2010

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Some random observations about two jobs, one being The Job, and the other being The New Job.

Observation #1: At The Job, everyone had an addiction. Be they alcoholics, chain smokers or some kind of junkie, everyone did. (Yours truly had a sprawling epic story in lieu of an actual drug, but I was definitely the exception.) And some of them had even recovered from said addictions prior to working at The Job, only to fall back into them at The Job.

At The New Job, everyone works out and most of them are health-conscious. This might have something to do with the employee health initiative, which lowers the cost of health insurance for people who reach certain wellness goals.

The Job had no such initiative.

Observation #2: At The Job, most people were either unmarried or in unstable relationships. I say MOST--I can think of at least one exception. But the majority of people slept around (within the company, a lot of times), the excuse being that those outside of The Job really just didn't understand the sort of environment that The Job was--those of us inside could only TRULY connect with others inside, and this sort of made it Okay. I, having been in a monogamous relationship for coming up on nine years, was considered an oddity. (I did sympathize with the argument, absolutely, but the thought of me personally having an affair makes me physically sick.)

At The New Job, I tell people nine years and it doesn't even faze them; the first two coworkers I spoke to about their relationships had nine and eleven years, respectively. Talk of sleeping around is discussed as a theoretical abstract; the idea of it happening within the company is treated with...not exactly disdain but with a sort of horrified speculation? Like "oh God, imagine if this person slept with--MENTAL IMAGE FAIL."

And but so anyway, just sayin'.


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